VDV emblem

VDV Paratrooper

The Russian VDV paratroopers established in 1930. The VDV have had an important role in many wars and battles since World War 2. The VDV had a major role in afghanistan.


  • Assult Rifles
  1. AN-94 only recently added to the VDV's aresenal it is a 2 round burst assult rifle
  2. AKS-74 the main assult rifle of the VDV until the early 90s it remains in service currently
  3. AK-74M is the current standard assult rifle of the Russian Army
  • Light Machine Guns
  1. RPK-74 Standard squad autimatic weapon
  2. 6P41 PKP Pecheneg phasing out the PKM
  3. PKM being phased out by the PKP
  • Sniper Rifles
  1. Dragonov SVD
  2. Draganov SVU
  • Grenade Launchers
  1. GP-25
  2. GP-30
  3. AGS-17
  • Anti Tank Rocket Launchers
  1. RPG-7