T-90 Main Battle Tank

T-90 Main Battle Tank

The T-90 is the result of the further development of the T-72. As the T-72 Proved inferrier to Western Tanks In the 80s and 90s. The T-90 uses the 2A46M 125mm cannon and a coaxial PKT. The T-90's main cannon can be used to fire Missiles as well as shells.


The T-90 features advanced ERA armor all over it and has been known to actually survive up to 7 RPG-7 and countinue to fight n Chechnia. The T-90 also has 2 infared jamming devices mounted on both sides of the 2A46M main gun. A electronic sensor picks up enemy infared guidence systems and swings the turret to face the weapon and activatves its Infared jamming devices. These Devices make the T-90 look like it has glowing red eyes when activated.

The T-90s main armerment is a 2A46M 125mm cannon. The cannon is an improved variant of the 2A46 gun on the T-72 and early T-80s. The Gun has improved barrel life and accuracy.

The T-90 also includes a heavy machine gun on a remote control mount either a NSV or Kord weapon.


The T-90 was designed to simplify tank production from producing the T-72 and T-80 to one tank.

The T-90s first combat test was in the 2nd Chechen war where it became know for having impenatrable armor against RPGs.


  • T-90 original model
  • T-90E export model of T-90
  • T-90A Russian army model aka (T-90 Vladimir)
  • T-90K/T-90SK Command Tank
  • T-90S Export model of T-90A
  • T-90M welded turret better engine
  • IMR-2MA engineer tank
  • BRM-3M demiing tankt